Taryn Daley
Africa Specialist

Taryn Daley
Although Taryn grew up in Northern California, she was born in Durban, South Africa.  The majority of her childhood summers spent in Durban, Taryn was able to familiarize herself with the area playing in the bush and at the beautiful beaches along the Kwazulu-Natal coastline.  
As she got older, the visits became less frequent while she focused her energy on studying photography at the Ringling School of Art and Design, and traveled to other destinations throughout the world, but she never stopped dreaming of her homeland Africa.
After a 7-year hiatus, she finally returned in 2011 and spent 3 months traveling overland through seven countries, from Cape Town to Zanzibar.  Not long after she got home, she was lucky enough to land a position at Admiral Travel.  She has returned several times since then, including a recent trip escorting guests, and has learned something new each time.  She has made it a point to learn how to identify the various animal and bird species, and takes the opportunity to enhance her wildlife photography while assisting guests in practicing their own skills.  
Over the years she has developed a deep love for her birth country and its heritage, and considers her career in sending and escorting guests to Africa to be a dream come true. Through her experiences with Admiral along with what she learned traveling to Africa all her life, Taryn has gained a deep understanding of the area and has made invaluable connections both lending to her ability to provide a wonderful experience for guests she escorts. 
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