Abu Simbel

Uncrowded Egypt & Jordan

We walked to Tahrir Square and there was absolutely nothing going on, but when we were walking one evening from our hotel in Cairo to a nearby restaurant, we passed the American and British Embassies and there was a demonstration going on that we avoided.  But it really was no big deal.  We observed no other instances of unrest.

We enjoyed all of our guides - they were informative about the sites, and candid in their observations about life and politics in Egypt and Jordan.  This is the part that we enjoy the most - getting to know someone in country who is able to give us his or her thoughts on their home countries.  The fact that we traveled during Ramadan proved to be a little awkward since our guides did not eat lunch, but there was no getting around this.

We were blown away by the sights - Pyramids, Museum in Cairo, various temples and of course Petra, which we loved.   Everything went smoothly - no transportation issues at all.  Everyone was very helpful and friendly.  All of the hotels were great - especially the Four Seasons in Amman.

We loved Luxor and Aswan and Abu SImbel- all magnificent and overwhelming.  We were lucky in that there were not many people at any of these places.  But the weather was around 110 Fahrenheit, so the lack of tourists was probably not surprising.  We had a great Egyptologist on the boat and spent many evenings sharing stories with him.  We also enjoyed Petra - the weather was much cooler and it was simply spectacular.

We had a great trip and thank you for your efforts.

Anne W.
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