Where the big game is.

Meander through the Eden-like delta to the woodlands of Khwai and grasslands of Savuti in this part of Africa where man's footprint is lightest.

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The diversity and propensity of the wildlife fascinate even Africa's most seasoned of travelers.

Today, Botswana is the most popular safari experience in Africa because of the government-mandated approach to sustainable conservation strategies, which over the last 20 years have ensured that the wildlife areas remain wild and uncrowded. No destination on the continent can show you a traditional safari environment where man's footprint is lighter.  
In Botswana, everything looks, feels and smells wild. It stinks of authenticity. If you  have been on safari in the past, you know very well the exhilaration and anticipation of being in the bush.  The thrill of knowing that anything can show up at any time - whether in camp or in the field.  You appreciate the value of disconnecting from day-to-day, everyday life.  
The country is large, sparsely populated and very dry with most of it falling within the famed Kalahari Desert. Looming large in the northwestern region of the country is one of nature's most unique geographical features on the planet; The Okavango Delta. Its water draws and holds tremendous amounts of a broad spectrum wildlife in the drier months.  A stay here is essential, as it is sure to mesmerize you with its Eden-like diversity, where water lilies abound.  
North of the Okavango Delta is the Linyanti region, which is easily among the most productive safari areas in Africa. This region holds the largest concentration of elephants on earth. A day of game viewing here will produce hundreds and hundreds of animals to observe and photograph.
If you have only been on safari in South Africa in the past, going to Botswana would be taking a step deeper into Africa. You will find a wildness here that is unrivaled, where nature's balance is most definitely present. The land is flat with very little to no undulation and the soils are sandy  - Kalahari sandy.  

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Recommended Books

  • Okavango: Wetland Wilderness by Adrian Bailey
  • Chobe: Africa’s Untamed Wilderness by Daryl Balfour
  • Botswana: A Brush with the Wild by Paul Augustinus

Recommended Movies

  • The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

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We've compiled an overview of travel information for Botswana that includes recommendations from many of our preferred operators in the bush.

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