A Wild World of Wonders

Home to the Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, the big five and the ruins of great Zimbabwe- the country of Zimbabwe is a bevy of biodiversity and cultural distinction. 

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Zimbabwe has wonderful geographic diversity and includes one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World; Victoria Falls. The only waterfall in the ultimate collection of nature’s global wonders. The river that flows over the waterfall, the Mighty Zambezi River, is impressive and still today holds tremendous stocks of wildlife in large, naturally wild locations where nature’s balance is present. As a safari destination Zimbabwe can hold its own against any other safari option on the continent. The most productive and accessible safari areas are in western Zimbabwe at Hwange National Park and northern Zimbabwe in the lower Zambezi valley at Mana Pools National Park.

For generations the wildlife community of this country, through its rigorous professional guide certification process, has produced some of Africa’s finest safari guides. Today their ethos, along with many elements of their guiding principles have been exported to other parts of the continent and are an integral part of the contemporary safari experience. With particularly rich historical content from early man’s ancient rock art through the walled cities from the period of the Middle Ages, and on to the recent history from just the other day this country is sure to hold a visitors attention.

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