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Lions, and cheetahs and…SHARKS, OH MY! If Thrill is your middle name, we certainly have a proposition for you. Everyone loves the best of both worlds- old and new, east and west, salty and sweet, so why would we not approach travel the same way? At Authentescapes, we believe not only CAN you have your cake and eat it too, you absolutely SHOULD, and the best of both worlds in Africa is a land & sea wildlife Adventure. We’re talking Shark Safari and Bush Safari all in one, and you better believe, it’s possible.  
We’ll start with the deep blue sea portion of this trip.  Bridging the Atlantic and Indian oceans, False Bay Cape Town is the ideal place to explore the oceans' toothiest assassin. Known for their unique hunting methods, the sharks in the waters off the coast of Cape Town became famous for launching their colossal bodies completely above the water when ambushing their prey from below or “breaching” as they call it, so naturally, that’s where you want to be to get an intimate experience. Our Trip Designer- Taryn Daley’s first response when asked how she felt in the water with the sharks - “cold”- She laughs, but goes on to explain that it was incredible to see just how enormous they were. Malaka Hilton notes, “That initial sight of the giant dorsal fin can send chills down your spine, but once you’re in the water, its sheer amazement. There’s nothing like it in the world, face to face, just you and the shark, it’s exhilarating”. At an average length of 21 ft, there’s no doubt the sight of the massive animals would leave any person in sheer awe. This video captured by Alex Hilton on a recent shark excursion with Authentescapes gives you a front row seat at what an experience with these Apex predators looks like:  Diving with Sharks   
A day in the water with Great Whites will leave you feeling alive, like you’ve accomplished something, and perhaps even a little more brave which is a perfect set up for the land portion as a Safari is best appreciated by those who want a little more adventure out of life. 
In the very same week that you come eye to eye with the oceans most feared predator, you can find yourself closely observing and deciphering the hunting strategies of a pride of Lions attempting to take down Zebra. As with shark diving, the experience you have on Safari in Africa is completely based on where you safari and the guides who interpret your surroundings and the behavior you are observing. Authentescapes has been working closely with travelers on itinerary design and trip preparation for Independent Travelers and Escorted Group Departures to the most productive wildlife areas across the African continent for 17 + years, and therefore, has intimate knowledge of where to stay, and who to work with.
One of the partners we have worked closely with over the years is Singita, whose name translates to “place of miracles”- and that, it certainly is. Singita has 12 unique lodges throughout Africa where guests can stay and get up close and personal with the wildlife living there.  Through working with Authentescapes, you can rest assured you will have the most knowledgeable guide, the most luxurious accommodations, and service that is second to none while on Safari. One of the things that makes the experience so magical in Singita is their bountiful natural ecosystem of animals. 
Michael Distler, Authentescapes destination specialist for Africa describes “You’re never encroaching on the animal’s way of life when on safari with Singita as they choose to operate in large and pristine environments where they have exclusive use and can present an uncrowded experience. Because, for varying extended periods now, these wildlife areas have only had trained professionals driving vehicles around them, the animals are comfortable carrying out their natural routine.” Michael goes on to say “These are the animals every person has known of their whole life, elephants, lions, cheetahs, rhinos, to finally see them living in their natural habitat and to feel their presence… it brings grown men to tears”. Ryan Hilton, Africa native and Safari Specialist, explains that when you are on Safari no two days are ever the same and everywhere you look there is something remarkable to catch and hold your atte300ntion. “There is an infinite amount of wildlife scenarios you can witness in the bush, and you will always see something new to you. You also stand a chance of witnessing something that has never even been captured before”. “Singita takes full responsibility for the whole of your experience, and when in the field with your professional guides and trackers it’s not just about seeing the big animals, but understanding what it is you are seeing and considering the entire ecosystem and how it flourishes together, not to mention being well fed and cared for by one of the best hospitality teams on the planet while you’re doing it”.  Going on Safari with the team at Authentescapes and Singita is nothing short of life changing, it will give you a whole new perspective and appreciation for the earth… which is why we travel anyways, right? To learn something new, acquire a new viewpoint, and just maybe, to discover a whole different part of our self that we didn’t even know existed. For the thrill of a lifetime and an experience like none other, a land and sea tour in Africa is where it’s at.
Click here to see the Itinerary for the Shark and Bush Safari! 
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