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Seamless Africa Itinerary

Taryn, We are so grateful for this wonderful journey. And these memories are truly priceless. Itinerary design-- We enjoyed each destination as it unfolded from the Falls to the Bush to Capetown. Although every destination was special to us for so many different reasons, we luvvvved the Bush the first safari camp Ngala was maybe our favorite because we felt so special and felt like the staff catered to our every need! It was so peaceful yet exhilarating at the same time. But then Phinda was so special too, we saw so many animals and the staff was fabulous there also.5 star both. The Falls were amazing great accommodations.

Boma was fun. Capetown sites were spectacular fabulous seafood what a gorgeous city! All our guides were incredibly warm and well versed in their areas of expertise. 


Mary & Bob
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