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Flavors of South Africa Escorted Tour

I finally have a minute so I wanted to write and say "THANK YOU!" 

I knew when I began making the reservations for this journey that it would be great, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to be so opulent, exciting, wonderful! 

The safari was my dream come true and it truly was - I have been telling everyone about this trip and tell them to save their money and go.  I look at the pictures and can't believe that I was there - I have to pinch myself and say, "Yes. I was."
Ryan - you were there for everything and made sure all went smoothly - which it did. That was a huge undertaking. You took it and ran with it all.  You were always making sure everyone and everything was fantastic. You are truly a great guide and human being. 
Michael - I have to thank you also for all your support. You answered all my questions in such a timely fashion and were always on the mark.  You and Ryan work together so very well - a great team!
Many thanks again. 

Barbara J.
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